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Photo taken January 1, 2003.  See the total panorama view below!

Meggen, Central Switzerland

Meggen is situated in Kanton Luzern, 6 km from the exciting middle-eve  town of Luzern, and next to the Lake of Luzern with a panorama view over the Alps.  The highest peak of 3400meter, snow covered all year round, and other fantastic hiking mountains like Mount Rigi, Mount Pilatus, Buergenstock, Stoos...etc. is situated right in front of you, from this extraordinary condominium.   Other well-known place to go are Kussnacht a/m Rigi, Weggis... etc., and many wonderful countryside's areas that all have excellent restaurants where you can hear yodeling music. 
We must tip you about the Swiss Chalet in Merlischachen which differently is our favorite Restaurant just 4 km away. 
See pictures, click here!  Email address: schloss-hotel@bluewin.ch 

The closest high alpine ski resort is Engelberg, 1000 meter, offering snow skiing all year round, that you can reach under 1 hour by car.  The altitude difference for winter skiing is approximately  2000 meter (6630 ft.).  You also reach Andermatt, with a vertical drop of 1530 meter (5010 ft), only within about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive, by the St. Gotthard Pass, half way down to Lugano, Tessin, the Italian part of Switzerland.

The condominium is located approximate 1 hour away from the Zurich Airport, 45 minutes from Limat promenades and shopping in the center of Zurich.  It is located only 20 minutes away from the cute, international business city Zug (direction Zurich).  If you are a golfer, you find a number of Golf causes within a short reach of only 30 minutes.  There are thousands of other exciting cities, villages, ski resorts, and only within approximately 2 hours drive you can visit all the surrounding countries, Italy, Austria, Lichtenstein, Germany, and France.  Under 4 hours drive you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea

In other words, you are right in the middle of Switzerland and Europe, with definitely the very best it can offer.

What else do you want?

Luzern, Meggen with wonderful walkways!

Kapelbrucke, Luzern.

River Reuss, Luzern.

Schloss Meggenhorn, Meggen.
Hours of nice walkways.
Old Sloss Habsburg, Meggen.
An old Swiss Farming house.

More pictures click here

Panorama view from the terrace-balcony over Lake Luzern,
Central Switzerland


    Mt. Rigi     Stoos   

Weggis Mt. Klevenalp     Burgenstock Engelberg   Old

Habsburg, Mt. Pilatus, Luzern

Panorama view 180 degree, direction southeast.

detailed specifications click here.

This 155 m2, 7 1/2 room vaulted ceiling, pent-house, condominium, with a 75 m2 total privacy "dream" terrace-balcony, sauna, shower, and an in-closed out room "winter room", with a fire place, exclusive sliding doors between balcony and also the living room.  The attractive living room with the second fire place, dining area (not used today) and a quaint library corner.  The today's dining room (master bedroom) has access directly to the balcony, where you can spend many wonderful hours.  An office or a guest room with a sky light is not missing.  The unit has 2 bedrooms as used today, can easily be arranged to 3 bedrooms, further is one bathroom and one smaller guest bathroom available.  The kitchen is an ideal reach all cabinets from one place kitchen, including stow, dishwasher, oven and of cause a fridge and freezer.  The kitchen has access to the second balcony (10m2) on the north side, and so do the practical utility (sawing) room with a washer / dryer, and a freezer.  The entrance and hallway serves the unite quickly in all directions.  Your car or cars have place in a large double garage with garage door opener, water access, ski rack, and a complete and practical one wall shelving system.   The 155 m2 attic over the entire condominium  takes easily care of all your extra belongings  that is accessed through a pull down ladder in the hallway.  In the first floor is the community washer / drying room available and a private storage unit.  On the south east balcony is a 2 head receiver satellite antenna to receive most TV stations world-wide. 
All described above is easy and practical to maintain. 


Let's go and have a look and
walk through this magnificent condominium...

...That all can be yours!

The eastern part of the Balcony with Sauna.

  Facing west wit Mt. Pilatus,
including a practical  firewood rack.
A playground with access from the other street.
view from kitchen balcony
  The view a cloudy day.

Sitting area, library.
  Library with entrance to the office.
A part of the living room.
  Living room, fireplace and entrance to the hallway.
Living room (fireplace just to the right).
  Entrance to the livable extra room from living room.
Hall way with fire place in the living room.
  Bed room one. No photo from other bed room.
A large dining room, with entrance to the balcony.
  The extra room with fire place to the right.
Office or the extra bed room.
  Living (TV) room.
Winter room.

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Detailed Specifications:

. Condominium
155 m2 .
. . . . .
. Terrace-Balcony facing south east 75 m2 .
. In closed out room winter room 16 m2 .
. Living room . 36 m2 .
. Library (together with Living room) 10 m2 .
. Office or extra bed room Guest room 12 m2 .
. Dining room . 17 m2 .
. Bed room 1 . 11 m2 .
. Bed room 2 . 11 m2 .
. Utility room .   9 m2 .
. Hall way . 12 m2 .
. Entrée .   3 m2 .
. Kitchen .   9 m2 .
. Bathroom .   6 m2 .
. Guest rest room .   3 m2 .
. Balcony Nr. 2 facing north west 10 m2 .
. Attica . 155 m2 .
. Double garage . 30 m2 .
. Private storage 1 floor 4 m2 .
. Washer / Dryer room 1 floor, community -     . .
. Built . 1971. .
  Elevator not available.      




Other surrounding  pictures:

Kapelbrucke, Luzern.

River Reuss, Luzern.

Schloss Meggenhorn, Meggen.

Exciting walking goals, Meggen.

Meggenhorn Chapel, Meggen.

Wonderful woods, Meggen

Close to the Condominium.

St. Charles, the neighbor.

Back home to Rotmattstrasse.

Hofer fishery , the best fish in town.

Visiting Weggis.


Outstanding view from Burgenstock.
Kapleplatz, Luzern.
Hofkirche, Luzern.
Kornmarkt, Luzern.
Hotel des Balance, Luzern,
am Weinmarkt.
Bahnhofstrasse, Luzern,
with a very old drug store.
Burgerstrasse, Luzern.

Kapelgasse, Luzern.
Kornmarkt, Luzern.
Kapelgasse, Luzern.

Bauernhaus in Stoos.
View to the east from Stoos.
View to the north from Stoos.
Cable car up to Stoos.
View to the Alps from Stoos.

Swiss Chalet - Schloss Hotel
Makes you feel like a King in every aspect, day and night. 
The superbly cooked food gives you memories you hardly ever will forget.

Reataurant Swiss Chalet.
Hotel Schloss, Merlischachen.
Château Golden-Gate
Château Golden-Gate
Email address: schloss-hotel@bluewin.ch 

We thank you for your interest in this fantastic condominium (Wohnung)
that we consider to be a one time opportunity!




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